Fidelity VIP Freedom Lifetime Income II

  • Trading Symbol: FNNGT

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Returns 3 out of 5, Average Returns
Risk of this Category Category Risk Rating:6, where 1 is Lower and 10 is Higher

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AS OF 9/30/2016
Average Annual Returns
YTD (Daily)* 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr
FNNGT +5.03% +7.94% +4.39% +7.33% +4.52%
*AS OF 10/21/2016; Value is cumulative

Fund Manager(s)

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Andrew J Dierdorf since 6/21/2011 Brett F Sumsion since 1/21/2014

Fund Overview


Seeks high total return with a secondary objective of principal preservation as the fund approaches its ultimate target asset allocation and beyond.


Investing in a combination of underlying Fidelity VIP equity, fixed-income, and short-term funds using a moderate asset allocation strategy designed generally for investors in retirement who were born between 1940 and 1949. Allocating assets among underlying Fidelity funds according to an asset allocation strategy that becomes increasingly conservative until it reaches an ultimate target allocation of approximately 15% in domestic equity funds, 5% in international equity funds, 65% in bond funds, and 15% in short-term funds (approximately between 2025 and 2030).


The investment risks of each VIP Freedom Portfolio changes over time as its asset allocation changes. They are subject to the volatility of the financial markets, including equity and fixed income investments in the U.S. and abroad and may be subject to risks associated with investing in high yield, small cap, commodity-linked and foreign securities. Principal invested is not guaranteed at any time, including at or after their target dates.

Quarter-End Average Annual Total Returns

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AS OF 9/30/2016; *SUBACCOUNT INCEPTION 8/15/2005 Glossary definition opens in new window.

0.59% AS OF 4/28/2016
1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr Life*
Fidelity VIP Freedom Lifetime Income II 7.94% 4.39% 7.33% 4.52% 4.87%
Barclays U.S. Agg Bond 5.19% 4.03% 3.08% 4.79% --
VIP Freedom Life Inc II 8.21% 5.46% 7.88% 5.03% --
Target Date 2026-2030 7.73% 3.59% 7.64% 3.83% --

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