Fidelity VIP Government Money Market

  • Trading Symbol: FTNJC


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AS OF 1/31/2016
Average Annual Returns
YTD (Daily)* 1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr
FTNJC -0.02% -0.23% -0.24% -0.20% +1.10%
*AS OF 2/10/2016; Value is cumulative

Fund Manager(s)

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Michael R Widrig since 2/1/2011

Fund Overview


Seeks as high a level of current income as is consistent with preservation of capital and liquidity.


The Adviser normally invests at least 99.5% of the fund's total assets in cash, U.S. Government securities and/or repurchase agreements that are collateralized fully (i.e., collateralized by cash or government securities). Certain issuers of U.S. Government securities are sponsored or chartered by Congress but their securities are neither issued nor guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury. Investing in compliance with industry-standard regulatory requirements for money market funds for the quality, maturity, and diversification of investments.


Interest rate increases can cause the price of money market securities to decrease. A decline in the credit quality of an issuer or a provider of credit support or a maturity-shortening structure for a security can cause the price of a money market security to decrease. An investment in the fund is not a deposit of a bank and is not insured or guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government agency. Although the fund seeks to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, It is possible to lose money by investing in the fund. The fund will not impose a fee upon the sale of your shares, nor temporarily suspend your ability to sell shares if the fund's weekly liquid assets fall below 30% of its total assets because of market conditions or other factors.

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Risk of this Category Category Risk Rating:1, where 1 is Lower and 10 is Higher

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Morningstar Category
Money Market-Taxable
Product Type
Subaccount Inception
Unit Value
Net Assets ($M)
12 Month Low-High
$11.34 - $11.37

Prospectus Net Expense Ratio is 0.27% as of 4/30/2015 and may not include certain voluntary reimbursements and waivers that reduce the actual expenses of the fund. The voluntary reimbursements and waivers can be discontinued at any time.

Chart Fund Price (Unit Value)

Composition by

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AS OF 12/31/2015
Treasury Debt 16.66%
Government-Agency Debt 71.48%
Asset-Backed Commercial Paper 0.00%
Financial Company Commercial Paper 0.00%
Other Commercial Paper 0.00%
Certificates of Deposit 0.00%
Insurance Company Funding Agreements 0.00%
Other Notes 0.00%
Treasury Repurchase Agreements 0.47%
Government-Agency Repurchase Agreements 14.22%
Other Repurchase Agreements 0.00%
Variable-Rate Demand Notes 0.00%
Other Municipal Debt 0.00%
Investment Companies 0.00%
Other Instruments 0.00%
Net Other Assets -2.83%

Net Other Assets may include cash and receivables and payables related to open security or capital stock trades.

Quarter-End Average Annual Total Returns

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AS OF 12/31/2015; *SUBACCOUNT INCEPTION 8/15/2005 Glossary definition opens in new window.

0.27% AS OF 4/30/2015
1 Yr 3 Yr 5 Yr 10 Yr Life*
Fidelity VIP Government Money Market -0.24% -0.24% -0.20% 1.14% 1.22%
Money Market-Taxable -1.35% -1.37% -1.36% -0.20% --

On December 1, 2015, Fidelity VIP Money Market changed its name to Fidelity VIP Government Money Market and will operate under certain different investment policies. The historical performance may not represent its current investment policies.

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